Newborn Portraits

February 22, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

With weddings slowing a little for winter season, I have been able to fit in more family & newborn portrait sessions! I don't think you could get any more adorable then this! OMG... How cute are the lips on this girl!! Newborn & child portraits are definitely some of the most difficult and totally take the most patience of any shoot, but how could I say no to this!! I absolutely love photographing children and newborns! Just recently I photographed the most adorable lil 6 year old girl and her younger sister... Fist thing we meet, she says: "Hi! My name is Haylee and I'm 6! What's your name, are you 6 too?" (I am petite, but not that petite.. haha) She chatted and wanted to hold my hand and sit in my lap and tell me stories the entire shoot.... Totally made my day! Soooo cute! 


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