Orange County Wedding Photography Workshop with the Fabulous Jasmine *

March 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This is a late post, but better late then never! ;) Meeting Jasmine Star and attending one of her wedding photography workshops has been a dream of mine since the moment I discovered her years ago… She is totally my favorite wedding photographer ever whom I admire and am constantly inspired by…. This past year I was able to go to Laguna & Irvine, CA for 7 days and attend one of her amazing workshops. Boy was it so much fun and so much more beyond amazing then I could have ever imagined. Here are some of my favorites I captured during the workshop...

Kauai Fine Art Wedding PhotographerKauai Fine Art Wedding Photographer Jasmine * Workshop-2Jasmine * Workshop-2 International Wedding PhotographyInternational Wedding Photography Jasmine * Workshop-3Jasmine * Workshop-3 kauai weddingkauai wedding Kauai Wedding PhotographerKauai Wedding Photographer Jasmine * Workshop-11Jasmine * Workshop-11 Jasmine * Workshop-13Jasmine * Workshop-13 Jasmine * Workshop-4Jasmine * Workshop-4 Jasmine * Workshop-5Jasmine * Workshop-5 Kauai Wedding Photographer-7Kauai Wedding Photographer-7 Kauai Wedding Photographer-11Kauai Wedding Photographer-11 Jasmine * Workshop-12Jasmine * Workshop-12 Kauai Wedding Photographer-2Kauai Wedding Photographer-2 kauai photographerkauai photographer Kauai Wedding Photographer-5Kauai Wedding Photographer-5 Kauai Wedding Photographer-6Kauai Wedding Photographer-6 Kauai Wedding Photographer-3Kauai Wedding Photographer-3 Kauai Wedding Photographer-9Kauai Wedding Photographer-9

Kauai Wedding Photographer-12Kauai Wedding Photographer-12


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